ALL abilities WELCOME from beginner to pro, young or old….


Step 1

Join Waterski And Wakeboard Australia (WAWA) Membership (opens late August)
To be able to compete in competitions you must be a member of the WAWA, to become a member, head to to register. Ensure you click on “I want to Join” and follow the prompts.


Step 2

Download Team App from the App Store or Google Play

Search Wakeboard QLD – Don’t forget to SIGN UP

  • Buy Merchandise
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  • Upload your own rider profile
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  • Buy Tickets to our upcoming events through the App
  • You MUST go to settings and update your personal details and sign on your phone


What Division do I ride in?

ROOKIE Single wake jumps, slides,180’s. Wildcard trick at the end of 2nd pass from straight air division. (Girls and Boys ride separately in this division)

STRAIGHT AIR Wake to wake jumps including 180’s and grabs. Wildcard trick at the end of the 2nd pass from the inverter division. (Girls and Boys ride separately in this division)

INVERTER Up to 4 intermediate tricks including 360 spins, raleys & inverts. A wildcard trick at the end of the 2nd pass of any wakeboard trick.

ADVANCED Unlimited inverts and spins up to 540. No mobes. A wildcard trick at the end of the 2nd pass.

MOBE Up to 4 Mobes and spins to 720.

OPEN Unlimited tricks, no limits

SHRED (18+) All Tricks allowed from Straight Air, Inverter and Advanced Divisions. This is for the riders who are keen to have some fun with friends on the water and enjoy the competition day!

ADAPTIVE – special wakeboard for special people who love to rip!

Note: Minimum 3 entrants for division to run (except adaptive)


What to bring on Competition day 

  • Approved Life Jacket
  • Wakeboard
  • Wetsuit (optional)
  • Sunscreen
  • Money for drinks and food
  • Rope and Handle
  • A good attitude and willingness to have HEAPS of FUN!!!!


How Wakeboard Judging works:

Execution – How well you perform the trick and how clean it is. E.g You must grab the board not slap it. Do you case the wake or clear it easily? Casing the wake (landing on the top of the second wake) is not scored as highly.

Intensity – It’s all about how big you take your tricks. The bigger, the better. Are your tricks completed clean and flowing or fast and messy. Are you casing the wake or landing into the flats?  By putting a clean flowing run together, the judges score this highly.

Composition – How your competition pass flows. Heel side and Toe side being used equally. A repeated trick will not be scored.
​**Tip: Do not repeat grabs. Grab differently each time. If you can do a 180 1 wake, it’s better than not doing it at all!

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